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Information for build gcc-13.0.1-0.2.1.riscv64.fc38

Package Namegcc
SummaryVarious compilers (C, C++, Objective-C, ...)
DescriptionThe gcc package contains the GNU Compiler Collection version 13. You'll need this package in order to compile C code.
Built bydavidlt
State failed
StartedSat, 04 Feb 2023 20:22:43 UTC
CompletedSat, 11 Feb 2023 20:53:20 UTC
Taskbuild (f38, /rpms/gcc.git:3c1da3e23372b5f5591fbe75d6d81af6271d3f99)
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Changelog * Wed Feb 01 2023 David Abdurachmanov <> 13.0.1-0.2.0.riscv64 - Update config.{sub,guess} scripts for ISL - Fix annobin plugin Fedora version check - Package riscv_vector.h (vector intrinsics) header * Sat Jan 28 2023 Jakub Jelinek <> 13.0.1-0.2 - update from trunk - PRs analyzer/108455, analyzer/108507, analyzer/108524, bootstrap/90543, c++/53288, c++/53932, c++/105300, c++/107267, c++/107303, c++/107329, c++/107797, c++/108195, c++/108437, c++/108474, c++/108496, c++/108503, c++/108504, c++/108525, c++/108526, c/108424, fortran/102331, fortran/102595, fortran/108420, fortran/108434, fortran/108501, fortran/108502, fortran/108528, fortran/108529, fortran/108544, fortran/108558, ipa/106061, ipa/107944, libstdc++/102301, libstdc++/108530, libstdc++/108554, libstdc++/108568, lto/108445, middle-end/108086, middle-end/108459, middle-end/108543, modula2/102343, modula2/108144, modula2/108182, modula2/108405, modula2/108480, modula2/108553, modula2/108555, other/108560, target/107568, target/107678, target/107731, target/108177, target/108348, target/108396, target/108411, target/108436, target/108442, target/108505, testsuite/104756, testsuite/107808, testsuite/108533, tree-optimization/96373, tree-optimization/108306, tree-optimization/108440, tree-optimization/108447, tree-optimization/108449, tree-optimization/108457, tree-optimization/108482, tree-optimization/108498, tree-optimization/108500, tree-optimization/108522, tree-optimization/108523, tree-optimization/108540, tree-optimization/108547 * Tue Jan 17 2023 Jakub Jelinek <> 13.0.1-0.1 - update from trunk - PRs c++/105593, fortran/108421, go/108426, ipa/106077, libstdc++/108288, libstdc++/108413, other/108413, target/55522, target/96795, target/105980, target/107515, target/108272, tree-optimization/94793, tree-optimization/106523 - don't build ppc64le unwinder with -fno-omit-frame-pointer (#2161595) * Sun Jan 15 2023 Jakub Jelinek <> 13.0.0-0.9 - new package