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"""Checks if all *.pyc files have later mtime than their *.py files."""
import os
import sys
from importlib.util import cache_from_source
from pathlib import Path
RPM_BUILD_ROOT = os.environ.get('RPM_BUILD_ROOT', '')
# ...cpython-3X.pyc
# ...cpython-3X.opt-1.pyc
# ...cpython-3X.opt-2.pyc
LEVELS = (None, 1, 2)
# list of globs of test and other files that we expect not to have bytecode
not_compiled = [
def bytecode_expected(path):
path = Path(path[len(RPM_BUILD_ROOT):])
for glob in not_compiled:
if path.match(glob):
return False
return True
failed = 0
compiled = (path for path in sys.argv[1:] if bytecode_expected(path))
for path in compiled:
to_check = (cache_from_source(path, optimization=opt) for opt in LEVELS)
f_mtime = os.path.getmtime(path)
for pyc in to_check:
c_mtime = os.path.getmtime(pyc)
if c_mtime < f_mtime:
print('Failed bytecompilation timestamps check: '
f'Bytecode file {pyc} is older than source file {path}',
failed += 1
if failed:
print(f'\n{failed} files failed bytecompilation timestamps check.',