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sergesanspaille 0c8ce6b93d
10.0.0 final
3 years ago
tests Add dependency on libomp-devel 3 years ago
.gitignore 10.0.0 final 3 years ago
0001-Make-funwind-tables-the-default-for-all-archs.patch Activate -funwind-tables on all arches, see rhbz#1655546 3 years ago
0001-ToolChain-Add-lgcc_s-to-the-linker-flags-when-using-.patch Fix compiling with -stdlib=libc++ 4 years ago
0001-clang-Don-t-install-static-libraries.patch Stop shipping individual component libraries 3 years ago
0001-remark-diagnostics-codegen-Fix-PR44896.patch Apply -fdiscard-value-names patch 3 years ago
0002-gtest-reorg.patch 8.0.0rc1 4 years ago
clang.spec 10.0.0 final 3 years ago
gating.yaml Enable gating on the tests in dist-git 4 years ago
hans-gpg-key.asc 10.0.0rc1 3 years ago
sources 10.0.0 final 3 years ago